This bot helps people who can't pay for public transport tickets by sousveilling ticket controllers. Learn here how to participate.

The functionality is simple: it retweets every tweet where it is mentioned.

This leads to a community which evolves around it; if you see ticket controllers, you tweet their location and mention the bot. The bot then retweets your tweet and others can read the info and think twice if they want to buy a ticket. If enough people, a critical mass, participate for the bot to become reliable, you have positive self-reinforcing dynamics.

The bot was written for Mastodon, Twitter, E-Mail, and Telegram. The code and instructions on installing it are available on Github.

Bring Ticketfrei to Your City!

If there is no Ticketfrei Bot in your city, don't worry. It only takes a few clicks. Read our short guide here: IT/Ticketfrei/create

Existing Communities

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